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Friday, September 01, 2006

Another Episode of Foreign Travellers to Japan

Hello, this is Hidekura Tamonin of "Travel to Japan!"

Though there are so many foreign travellers to Japan, many of them can be easliy get lost.
Here comes the another episode about them.

Whem my acquaintance was visiting Wakayama,
which is a prefecture located rather west part in Japan, he met Americans there.
As they looked lost, he helped and asked them the reason of visiting Wakayama, and they said they wanted to visit Kumano area which is the world heritage and also wanted to pray at the shrine to yearn for the Japanese soul which is called famously Kumano-moude in Japanese.
They were very interested in the 8 million gods in Japan compared by the only one god, Christ, in America.
(The photo on your right hand side is the another Holly Place like Kumano,
named Koya-san Holly place.)

Though there are many guide-books for travellers which contain the information
of how to get to the famous sightseeing areas, most of them are not sufficient
or sometimes not translated into English.Therefore, I'm trying to translate
such books into English!
So far, I've already translated three of such eBooks into English
and they are already published at the eBook store such as or

Please refer to the URL below to see more beautiful photos!

You'll find Japanese beautiful photos and also the information
where you can get the above eBooks.

See you soon!


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