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Friday, August 11, 2006

Another Episode of Foreign Traveller.(Cont'd)

Hello, this is Hidekura Tamonin of "Travel to Japan!"

As there are so many foreign travellers to Japan,
I have many stories about them to tell you all.

I'll tell another interesting story about them this time.

When I was on the express train to Matsumoto
(Matsumoto is a name of a city in Kofu-prefecture in Japan
where famous Matsumoto Castel is still remaining)
on business,
some foreign young travellers were on the same compartment
of the train.

As the compartment was reserved seated, one of the young
traveller sat next to me after checking the seat number to me.

I found that they came from Australia to Japan for their
school excursing abroad.
(When I asked he said that they were studying Japanese
culture and they decided to come to Japan for the purpose
of school excursion as that season was very good for viewing
cherry blossoms.)

The guy next to me was quite normal, but another young traveller
who sat near our seat was a little bit strange.

How strange? You'll find soon.

Suddenly, he opened something which he had bought at
famous Akihabara shop in Tokyo just before maybe.

It was a plastic model robot kit, and he instantly
assembled and demonstrated it on the aisle of the

The robot was remote controlled feature and it
had a funny movement at which every passenger
of the compartment laughed.

Anyway, as they were going to Matsumoto and
the guy next to me said they surely visited famous
Matsumoto Castle there.
(You can see the photo of castle from the URL
below, however, they are not Matsumoto Castle, but
Himeji Castle located near Osaka.)

Please feel like you also visiting Japan by viewing
more than 50 beautiful Japanese photos!

See you soon.


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