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Monday, August 28, 2006

Many travellers to Japan easily get lost!

Hello, this is Hidekura Tamonin of "Travel to Japan!"

Though there are so many foreign travellers to Japan, many of them can be easliy get lost since the transportation system in Japan is very complicated especially at urban areas such as
Shinjyuku in Tokyo or Umeda in Osaka.

So, when you visit to Japan and if you'd like to use public traffic systems, you should be careful not to get lost.
(Especially subway is so complicated that even a Japanese commuter sometimes gets lost.)

Though there are many guide-books for travellers which contain the information of how to get to the famous sightseeing areas, most of them are not sufficient or sometimes not translated into English.

Therefore, I'm trying to translate such books into English!

So far, I've already translated three of such eBooks into English
and they are already published at the eBook store such as or

Please refer to the URL below

You'll find Japanese beautiful photos and also the information
where you can get the above eBooks.

See you soon!

P.S. As I got to know how to upload picture data, I attached
the cover page of the "Himeji Castle" eBook at the right top.

In the eBook, interesting sotry is written in addition to many
beautiful pictures.
(You can also check more photos by clicking this.)


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