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Friday, August 11, 2006

Another Episode of Foreign Traveller.

Hello, this is Hidekura Tamonin of "Travel to Japan!"

Did you check the mysterious photos which I uploaded
last lime from the eBook namaed "The Anecdote of Fox Related
Shrines" ? The URL of the photos is this;

In that, Vol.1 is the previous photos and Vol.2 is the ones.
(As I've translated the eBooks , the explanations of the photos
in the eBooks are all written in English. If you'd like to
know the explanations, please check the eBooks at the eBook
shop, CyberRead or eBookMall.)

You can enjoy more than 50 photos from the above URL,
and also if you can read Japanese you'll be able to reach my main
homepage from there, which contains many useful link sites
even though it is written in Japanese. Sorry.

I will be reached any questions from you all only if
I can answer!

See you soon!

P.S. Another interesting episode will be written in my next posting,


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