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Monday, August 07, 2006

Photos of the Travel eBook

Hello, this is Hidekura Tamonin of "Travel to Japan!"

I've already intorduced you my first travel relatedeBook
named"The Untold Story of Japanese Himeji Castle"which
I translated into English in my last posting.

This time I'll show you some of the splendid photos from
the eBook as I received some from the Publisher named Soshikan.

Sorry to say, as the posing of picture function doesn't work
well here in Japan, I created special homepage for listing those
photos for you.
(Thoguh I listed only som e of them this time, I'll increase
the number of the photos gradually as soon as I receives
the photos from publisher.)

The URL of the homepage is as follows;

Beautiful Photos of Japanese Himeji Castle are here!

If you'd like to know the explanation of the photos,
please buy and read the eBooks!
(As I only translated it into English, I don't know well
either! Sorry.)

See you soon!


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