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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Hello to all!

 Hello every Blogger!

I you read the blog title and profile, you can easily understand
the purpose of this blog.
However, as this is my first posing, I have to introduce myself.

My name is Hidekura Tamonin and I'm a computer system's

I used to live in California and I got my Master's Degree in
Computer Science in America.
(Though I have my Bachelor's Degree in Japan!)
Though I'm working for Japanese company currently,
I used to work for the affiliated company in Americal
for three years, and it was located at what is called Silicon Vally
(Computer mecca) in America.

Those who are accessing this Blog title is probably
interested in Japan or travelling to Japan.

I translated several such a kind of eBooks into
English for those who would like to read such books
in English and enjoy Japanaese mysterious secnaries.
(Those eBooks are already listed on the internet eBook
stores such as CyberRead or eBookMall in America.)

So, please enjoy this Blog and feel free to give your
comments to me.

See you soon!


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